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Folk Songwriter from Salt Lake City

What you will hear in my music:

Folk and folk-rock (influences: The Byrds, Simon & Garfunkel) mixed with original and eclectic elements. For example, the song “Let No Darkness” has elements of the classical music I love, from Renaissance motets to Christopher Tin. I also enjoy using a wide variety of instruments, from my Greek bouzouki to my Roland Juno 106 keyboard.


Where to start?

“I Just Want to Live”

New song (November, 2023): https://linktr.ee/samueljonassonmusic

“Drifting with the Tide”:
Typical of me: introspective themes, acoustic guitar-based arrangements, and occasional silly references (“if time had wheels”). Listen on Spotify.



My album and singles are available on most streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal.

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I Just Want to Live

Ever feel like you're not up to life's challenges? Listen for the instrumental; despite the noise, that simple, clear theme returns.

Feel So Far

"Feel So Far", a song about the challenge of becoming who you want to become, leans heavily into folk rock.

There You Go

Heartbreak is intense. "There You Go" explores the tragedy of relationships that don't work with the imagery of boats and water.

Drifting with the Tide

Originally a self-sermon, this song encourages the listener to take on challenges and engage with life.

When the Waves Roared

When we face our greatest challenges, what gives us strength? Full album, released October 2020.


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